Danielle’s love for apparel and textiles began at a young age. Picking up her first needle, embroidery floss and pattern she was more than excited to start her first project. Her finished piece, a kitten sweeping the kitchen floor,  was adorned with her favorite buttons from her family’s button box. Backed with blue and white check (in honor of her childhood idol Dorothy Gale) and edged with lace, this piece was finished into a pillow. This first project is a point of pride that reminds her of her beginnings.
Hand sewing turned to garment sewing, and Danielle began creating her first articles of clothing for her dolls and herself. Danielle went on to explore all types of crafting but her true love was always sewing. In high school, left-handed Danielle was taught to crochet by her right-handed mother.  Challenged, Danielle began experimenting with sewing, crochet, looms and anything else she could get her hands on.
While studying Apparel Design at Ball State University, Danielle had the opportunity to experiment with all types of fibers and techniques. Mixing her love of sewing, pattern drafting and design Danielle was able to combine all elements of her passions. After finishing her Bachelors, Danielle spent two years living in Germany. The beautiful Alps in Garmisch-Partenkirchen were a constant inspiration on her everyday bike ride to work.
Relocating to Indianapolis, Danielle has created a life she loves by mixing her very different experiences into a multitude of opportunity. As a designer, Danielle works to combine old craft traditions with modern design. Her designs have a unique look and feel, but appeal to the masses. As a multi-faceted individual, she offers new, unique ideas with crochet, sewing and DIY.  She searches for inspiration in literature, the outdoors, baking, and her record collection.