NYC – The Lion Brand Yarn Store

I had been to NYC once as a teenager. I was on a trip with my grandmother, where we shopped sample sales, got separated on the subway and enjoyed coffee. I like the city, but I didn’t love it. At the time, I was 18. I wasn’t in need of creative inspiration, actually my creative juices probably […]

Yarn Scavenge II

The Yarn Scavenger

Fine yarn is like a fine wine. It’s a feast for your senses! Your eyes pour over the unique colors, your fingers can’t get enough of the alluring textures. It smells like…yarn, or maybe the yarn shop. Please don’t taste it! Let’s stop this here. There are so many amazing yarns out there. I’ve hoarded […]

Nuvo Finished Product

What Are You DIY-ing New Year’s Eve?

Are you trying to figure out what to do for New Years Eve? NUVO, a local Indianapolis publication recently asked 3 amazing crafty ladies in Indianapolis to put together the best party ever. We each developed our own ideas, and the issue hit the stands this week. If you can’t get your hands on a […]

World's Largest Knitting Needles

The World’s Largest Knitting Needles and Crochet Hook

Small towns are always interesting. What one defines as small can greatly vary. My hometown, to me, is small. Marshall, Illinois has a population of about 4,000 people.  While my girlhood was spent in Valparaiso, Indiana, Marshall is my “hometown.” Welcome to the Midwest. I could not believe my ears when I heard that The […]