The Yarn Scavenger

Fine yarn is like a fine wine. It’s a feast for your senses! Your eyes pour over the unique colors, your fingers can’t get enough of the alluring textures. It smells like…yarn, or maybe the yarn shop. Please don’t taste it! Let’s stop this here.
There are so many amazing yarns out there. I’ve hoarded quite a few of them over the years. They make fantastic projects and are truly a joy to work with. However, have you ever thought about making some yarn on your own?
Have you ever thought about being a yarn scavenger? What is yarn scavenging? As I explained in my Trade School class, yarn scavenging is the term I’ve used for my habits and processes for looking for yarn in all the new places. In class, we cut apart t-shirts, jeans, plastic bags and felted sweaters for yarn. Using cashmere sweaters, we discussed the best ways to reuse this fabulous fiber in our current projects. I even covered how to take a sweater apart for yarn.
Over the next few weeks I will be posting break downs of the tutorials here, but there is nothing quite like the hands-on, in class experience. Check out all our Trade School classes online!
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